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The Leiden Anglophone Linux User Group now has a Meetup.

Well, more to the point, I’ve filled in a bunch of information and paid a little money for a six-month trial and we’ll see how it goes.

Having blown it for March, we’ll try again for first Wednesdays. Now that I’ve specified it as such in a public place, I’ll have to follow through.

Hope to see you there!


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I successfully installed SparkyLinux, chosen almost at random from a recent list of lightweight distros I found after that Mint scare of a couple weeks ago.

The installer worked well enough – I’m still a little confused on GRUB and ended up adding Sparky to the Windows boot controller rather than putting the Linux bootloader at the top of the food chain. The tool for that required about three minutes and fewer than five clicks. Can’t complain really.

Sparky’s pleasant to look at and easy to navigate. The only package I’ve installed so far is Dropbox. There was a hiccup in the install process – about 50% of the files were downloaded by the installer and then it hung – but when I tried the next day, it was fine.

LibreOffice loads up very quickly, the boot process is also very swift. The default browser, Iceweasel (a Firefox derivative, I think) works well enough. I haven’t delved into other goodies like distraction-free editors and the like, but I’m generally happy.

Next thing to figure out is how to extend the display rather than duplicate it.

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And we’re doing it again…

I’ve been rather busy of late, but we restarted the Leiden Anglophone Linux Group a few weeks ago with quite a successful meeting. A new member with GRUB issues on Ubuntu found us via the Leiden Expats Facebook page and David was able to diagnose and fix them without a problem.

Last week’s meeting was a little smaller and the other three participants had all worked together. We didn’t end up discussing Linux much.

My plan is to have two more meetings before the end of the year. The next one will be Thursday 29 November. Steven recommended a place near Hooglandsekerk that looked quite hospitable.

De Branderij
Middelweg 7-9
2312 KE Leiden

Has anyone tried the Haiku OS of late? Techmonks has posted instructions for installing the latest version to a disk partition here. I’ve not tried it yet, but am going to try it in a VM this weekend. I like the idea of a non-Linux open source operating system almost as much as I like Linux.

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