Mint! Almost.

So I’ve decided, after about three years to turn my nice little Win 8 laptop into a dual boot device. Deleted a bunch of stuff, defragged, created a nice unallocated partition in GParted.

I thought I’d go with my old standby CrunchBang, but Corenomial went out of the distro business about a year ago. One crew seems to have released something called CrunchBang Plus Plus, but their web site gives a lovely little 404.

Another crew called Bunsen Labs has picked up the Debian + Openbox combo. At the moment it’s in RC2 status. I’d hoped to run it as from a USB stick, but it’s not playing nice. I get to the option to play with it, but it goes into a loop with the menu asking which version you want to play with.

I think I decided to go with the Cinnamon variation of Linux Mint. Booted into it from a stick and added Skype, wished my mom a happy birthday, and then saw this blog entry:

Beware of hacked ISOs if you downloaded Linux Mint on February 20th!

Great. Mint was hacked. I downloaded mine on the 21st, but am still wary. Not sure what I’ll install when I get to it.






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  1. Austin

    Arch is not actually as “hardcore” as it touts itself—most entry-level problems are documented on the wiki, and the base repository is pretty robust. Give it a try.

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