Well, I listen to about 6 different Linux podcasts and am not sure if I heard about this on the Linux Action Show or on Linux Outlaws, but one of them told of a US Department of Defense-developed Linux Distro called LPS (Lightweight Portable Security). The Unixmen blog shares this selling point: “The idea behind it is that government workers can use a CDROM or USB stick to boot into a tamper proof, pristine desktop when using insecure computers such as those available in hotels or a worker’s own home.” Follow that link for a couple of screengrabs as well. In context, the Windows XP-like interface (with Tux-sporting Start button in the lower left) is a nice touch.

I might give it a go, but won’t have much home computer time this week as the in-laws are in town. (My office is also the guest bedroom, alas.

If you’re inclined, there’s more information and download links on the DOD’s Software Protection Initiative site here: Let me know your thoughts.





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