Stallman on the Cloud

Der Spiegel Online has a fine commentary by RMS on cloud computing and the necessity (from his POV) of avoiding the cloud at all costs.

Internet Privacy Resist the Temptations of the Cloud!



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2 responses to “Stallman on the Cloud

  1. Small article, myself am very worried about email privacy, as for facebook… only have to maintain some connections with friends and no to post my own live.

    Skype as already been monitored so i don’t see any way out off this maze.

    For me this would be a Great subject to discuss, how to have privacy over internet, how to use mail, chat, voip in a private way.

  2. Joel, I’m with you on that. Cloud computing in general, and these social tools in particular are worrisome with regards how they undermine privacy. The things we’ll give up for shiny entertainment.

    The Linux Action Show podcast had a show about building your own cloud a couple months ago ( There was supposed to a part 2, but it hasn’t yet happened. However, Next month’s Linux Format (I believe) will cover this topic as well. Indeed we should bring the topic to the group.


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