The missing keystone..,

FB not so clear on 'related', it seems to me.



Click for larger image. The text reads, “As R was out with colleagues last night, I spent the evening succeeding in installing ArchBang (a Linux distro) on my computer and realising too late that I’m too much of a noob to use an Arch derivative successfully. And whacked my bootloader in the process. Back to something Debian tonight.”

Alas, the joy I have in the look and feel of ArchBang when used from a live CD is lost in the process of learning why folks tell the inexperienced not to use ArchLinux. I need to learn a few more things before trying this again. My brother-in-law recommends Lubuntu which might replace my current Xubuntu install. He also recommends something LTS and futzing about in a virtual box. Might be something to that.



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