ArchBang Linux is (as its page notes) a lightweight distro based on Arch and the Openbox window manager. As it uses Openbox, it looks a whole lot like my beloved #!, but seems more stable (based on a couple hours with the live CD).

I’ve been unhappy using Bodhi and Xubuntu the last couple weeks because in comparison to #!, they’re maddeningly slow. Xubuntu (11.04), is very pretty and friendly in an Ubuntu kind of way, and Bodhi (which is also very pretty) has a few of those new distro hiccups.  I was missing my super key and available anywhere dropdown menu.

I’m not sure which blog shared the ArchBang link in the last couple days, but I’ve been wanting to give Arch a spin – this distro seemed like a good entry as I’m already familiar with its windowing environment. It’s also bloody fast, even booting from the live CD.

Will share more once I’ve done a proper install.





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