In the latest Linux Action Show, Brian and Chris give a good look at the Haiku operating system. Haiku is not a Linux distro, but a complete reprogramming of BeOS, purchased by Palm (remember them?) back in the 90s.

While they discuss many interesting features (and a few drawbacks, such as a dearth of ported software), the most interesting item to me was tabbed applications. I hate bouncing between windows to do what I want – this is why tabbed browsing is so cool – keep as many web sites open as your RAM will allow and not have to look down to see which window has what you want. The Haiku crew have (apparently – haven’t installed it yet myself) arranged it so you can have more than one application appear as tabs within the same window.

There’s only so much real estate on even the largest two-monitor setups, and my DTR doesn’t have nearly that much, so I’m all for achieving screen savings wherever possible.

Are there any Linux add-ons that perform this same function? I’d love to use this.



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