Another fine meeting

Well last night it was just Kostas, Jacob, Austin and I. Discussions were rather free-form. Both Kostas and Jacob have used Ruby and explained to me some of its finer points. I’m not a programmer, but was intrigued by its possibilities.

Austin discussed Wikimedia and the varying rights of photographers to capture public works of art. Apparently there’s a monument in Brussels that one simply cannot photograph. Takedown notices sent with haste.

And in the category of photography, an iPhone4, a Samsung and a Nokia went head to head. As soon as I get the pix, I’ll post them. Suffice it to say that  none were too accurate with regards color and the Samsung needs a camera shake function, but Jacob’s Nokia offered the clearest shot.

Mailing list to be formed and domain to be registered. Watch this space.





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2 responses to “Another fine meeting

  1. Sorry to have missed that meeting.
    Now that i’m revising the posts…. i feel sorry to have missed the mobile camera phones head to head. I’m still searching for a impartial head to head that will no end like “*uck you iphone lover” or “android rules” etc etc etc 😛

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