Bodhi Linux

bodhiBodhi was recommended in a recent (I think) Linux User magazine as one of the nice small-footprint distros. It’s a new one, currently at version 1.1. Based on Ubuntu 10.04 (the last LTS version), it comes bundled with the Midori browser and Leafpad, a lightweight text editor. To satisfy all users, it seems, software package managers include the Unbuntu Software Center, GDebi Package installer, and Synaptic Package Manager. The Enlightenment desktop is very nice with Mac-style bouncing icons across the bottom of the screen.

The installer is quite clever, offering options for laptop, desktop or netbook (and one or two other things, IIRC).

I could get used to the Run Everything feature which finds applications based on the first few letters typed. It’s a little more user-friendly than the Run Application item in the CrunchBang context menu.

Kudos also for the very easy-to-navigate website (follow link above) with its intros to the various Bodhi features and explanations for their choices (the Midori browser for example).

At the moment I’m interested in testing the more up-to-date distros (while 10.04 is the last LTS, it’s still a year old. Things move fast in Linux!) and am not ready to jump from my #! primary. That said, I really like the combination of small footprint and friendly UI and would recommend it for limited resource machines and netbooks. I look forward to trying it again, perhaps with the next major release.


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