Two weeks ago, Austin mentioned using XBMC, the XBox Media Center for his home media needs. I’d not heard of it before (this is not a surprise as I’m generally happy with the occasional dvd and listen to most of my music on a portable device), but was quite intrigued when I came across an interview with Martin Ellis of the XBMC project.

I’ve been listening to as many Linux/FOSS/etc podcasts as I can find, and grabbed this one from the (mostly German) RadioTux podcast. You can find the Ellis interview (in English) here.

A recent issue of LinuxUser provided 2 DVDs with a whopping 10 distros and the latest Linux Format provides Kubuntu and Lubuntu 11.04. I’m still shy of Unity, but would like to try the latest KDE. Also looking into Bodhi Linux – another one of the ultra-small/light distros. Wish me luck as I reformat my drive and try not to whack my main CrunchBang partition.


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