Low key gathering

Last night’s meeting was rather small (some folks traveling, others having other commitments, alas), but David and Steve were welcome new additions to the group. Both programmers who use Debian. Much of the discussion was not about Linux per se, but about working under startup conditions (the Bay Area during the boom which David and I shared) and Ireland before the Celtic Tiger.

My wife joined us a little later, but she’s a dedicated user of those fine proprietary systems. (She’s got a good point, I think: she uses her computer primarily for photo editing and the fact is that one of the products of Adobe Systems does this best. For her. And rather than fight the iDevice the way I do, she just keeps Windows and iTunes. She may get a Jobs device for her next machine, but I fear I won’t make a FOSS convert of her.)

Next meeting: 23 June, 2011. 7:30pm. Fresh n Fast Kloksteeg 7, Leiden.



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