In a PC World article (30 Days with Ubuntu Linux: Day 3), the writer shares his experiences trying to get his iDevice to work under Ubuntu. I’m struggling with the same thing (and using my wife’s XP box until I can find something better).
Alas, the writer lost me with this positively shudderific bit of prose:

“Case in point: Google directed me to a how-to article from That article starts off with steps about opening the Terminal command line interface in Ubuntu and using some archaic “sudo blah-blah-blah” command to download a program called WINE that lets you run Windows software from within Ubuntu.”

What is it about the command line that is so scary, or in this case, offensive, to users?

There are several problems with the writer’s approach to getting iTunes working under Ubuntu. One is that he installed the OS but didn’t research its features (like the OS’ main selling point, the Ubuntu Software Center). Another is that he didn’t actually research the possibilities, just figured an eHow article would do the trick. I would generally go with eHow instructions too, but wouldn’t suggest that it’s Linux’s fault if those instructions were complex or didn’t work. Especially as the writer didn’t search any further.

I recommend this article for the very interesting comments exchanges as well.


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