Missed opportunity or…

Karsten Gerloff over at Free Software Foundation Europe has a blog entry on the European Commissions’s tender-free plan to migrate to Windows 7 (!) to the tune of almost €45 million. Read the whole thing, but this pull summarizes the EC’s reasoning:

The foundation of Europe’s procurement rules, Directive 2004/18/EC, says that those rules are intended to guarantee the opening-up of public procurement to competition. But it looks like in this instance, the EC has found a way to sidestep that goal, letting inertia (let’s be kind here, ok?) take precedence over competition and long-term value for Europe’s citizens.

The whole entry.



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2 responses to “Missed opportunity or…

  1. Yes, the category is right… “Politics”

    Please i didn’t find a English version but please translate it using Google, the CE had NO interest in considering other options…



  2. Jeremias – thank you for sharing those articles. A Danish EU site claims the EU employs over 37000 people (http://www.eu-oplysningen.dk/euo_en/spsv/all/48/). The numbers on that page are for 2008, but others have told me the EU doesn’t actually know to a person how many it actually pays. (The Danish numbers don’t include contractors.)

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