Your own cloud?

I quite enjoy the Linux Action Show podcast – in the last episode one of the hosts had quite the rant against Google and its ownership of data. He suggested that he’d put together his own suite of tools to get off of Google and back into FOSS and data ownership. In the most recent episode Bryan Lunduke shared the first half of his efforts. These include DuckDuckGo (and three others) for search, FengOffice for document collaboration, and RoundCube for mail, and EyeOS to tie it all together.

This podcast was this morning’s commute listening. First uses of DuckDuckGo and IxQuick were not particularly spectacular, though I may be too used to Google search and other engines will need to train me. I’m especially interested in checking further into Feng and EyeOS and might report further once there’s time.




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3 responses to “Your own cloud?

  1. Hi, didn’t knew that podcast. Just one thing that we might discuss one day, though we already did the last/first meeting, Google, and Google control of personal data.

    People are getting afraid of Google’s control of personal information and are searching for alternatives, i would like to have a secure alternative to GMAIL but have yet to find one…

    Now with Android aren’t we just giving away wave after wave of new personal data to Google?

    Hurray for Google alternatives!

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    • I’m slowly moving back to other email accounts I have. But with 10000 received and 4500 sent messages, it’s a little hard to just abandon the lot.

      Not hard – just need to research the options for local download. They exist. Zimbra looked good when I looked a few weeks back, but wasnt’ ready to install.

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